Friday, January 13, 2012

Tool # 8 - Taking a Look at the Tools

I am ready to get all the new equipment for my classroom! I believe that many things can and will be accomplished once students have "quick" access in the classroom. Currently it takes more time to incorporate when the devices have to be checked out.

Many of the students already have an i-phone, i- touch and an i-pad along with an i-tune account. Many students are using these devices at home and school. Furthermore, they know how to download, add applications and sync. We are familiar with the netbooks and google docs. With that being said, it appears we will be ready to incorporate these items into the classroom with ease. (As the students are so savvy and not afraid to try new programs)

I plan on managing the devices in the following way:

* Have equipment charged and ready for use each morning
* Have easy access to devices to ensure use
* Use google docs, i-applications etc. to be incorporated in lessons
* How to care and use equipment for appropriate classroom activities

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