Friday, January 13, 2012

Tool # 10 - Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is one of the most important tools that students need to understand. Although we are using many different devices and tools, the students need to be aware of the dangers and appropriate way to use these tools.

Some of the rules we must teach and follow are:

1. Keep our user names and passwords confidential
2. Talk about cyber bullying and proper netiquette
3. Discuss instant messaging (do no communicate with strangers),
not sharing your personal information online and
email should be used for school purposes only

We did watch a video on that explained all of these rules in great detail. Furthermore, letting the parents know what are "expected practices" for digital citizenship will help educate and answer any questions/apprehension they may have.


  1. Especially for the children in your age citizenship hopefully has taken root in their consciousness.....

  2. Digital Citizenship is an important topic in netiquette. I like your netiquette rules regarding the subject. One of my netiquette rules for students k-12 is not to share their real names online. Thanks for sharing.