Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tool # 3 -Lifeline

As an educator I am always looking for new ideas, charts, graphs and visuals. Copyright and Best Practices are always a concern.  It is assuring to know that if you are publishing it to secure locations on educational sites you are safe of copyright as long as you do not copy entire collections.

Picasa- I did go to the link and some errors did occur.  From the brief images that I did see I could see how students could use these for projects.  Web albums could be a powerful tool in presentations.

Moon Phases

I could use drop box to save information that I want my students to be able to access on other devices.

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  1. Loved your Moon Phases video...Fair Use and Copyright issues move more and more to the forefront as we begin to use WEB based tools...Stacy, just being familiar with their
    components is an auspicious beginning. So many educators are clueless.